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Monkey May Promotions

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Monkey May Promotions

by Mico8 on

Can you believe that May is almost upon us? Well, we thought we’d take an early look at some of the latest casino promotions we’ve got in store for you.

Surely May is a time for the last spring blossom and gamboling lambs? Not so, this primate noted in the depths of my super-powered brain. This is the time of year to raise a glass to those hard working folk who make things happen. So, I decided to cook up a cordon bleu treat, in their honour.

Workers Day All May Long

Set aside your plans for the late spring, and get hot under your collar, with a juicy offer that should rouse the interests of the hardest of workers- let’s celebrate International Workers Day. Good things come in fours and May will give some lucky online slots players the chance to hone their skills and cash in.

For those worker bees who are new to the wide and wonderful slot world, welcome and prepare for a treat. If you’re a slightly nervous beginner; there’s no need for trepidation, as we have set the entry levels to match a wide range of players.

With a £10 deposit, you will get a nice little starter portion to work your way up to the main course. You’ll launch your slot celebrations with 15 free spins- just use the code FS15 in May to get the good times spinning. Head to our Casino Promotions section from the 1st of May to find out more.

Do you want to up the ante a touch? Then for £20 you can gain a substantial 30 free spins, again a nifty code FS30 is how to kick off the reel spinning fun.

And with a £50 deposit you can earn 75 free spins. May’s little teaser is that you can claim a further 25% bonus up to £250 to try and make your fortune on the reels. Just use the code May19.

Full Terms Apply.

Turn up the Heat

Now this monkey’s not easily satisfied, so we got all of our brains together for a pre-summer slot warm up. If the idea of dusting down your glad rags and polishing the bow tie sounds tickety-boo, why not chuck a slot deposit down and gain some free spins to try and bag some winnings.

Over three pre-summer dates, you’ll be able to enter to Turn Up the Heat, where twice a day you can claim a spins bonus. For a modest, £10, £20 or £30 you can top up your deposit by 25%. The match applies all the way up to a £250 and £500 bonus respectively- just use codes “Spring”, “Almost” and “Over.”

Full Terms Apply.

Age of Slots

Still looking for a bargain to game with? Now all chaps and chapesses, even this super smart one, have to believe in the magic of the slot masters and NetEnt and Microgaming are 2 design houses that really smash it in the creative stakes. As we pep ourselves up for summer’s onslaught, why not take a moment to join the Age of the Slots competition?

With a deposit of just £10 you can pick from your choice of this duo of slot makers games and try to wager and win a top of the leader board spot. The more you bet , the greater your chance of hitting that board high spot and hitting the £350 top prize.

If none of these gaming offers tickles your fancy, then how about the good old fashioned charms of a lucky dip? Even a master of the digits like me loves a freebie.

Full Terms Apply.

The Big Score Draw

Over the 28 May, all the way to June 2, there is a chance to get your name into the hat of gamers who will be playing a trio of slots to win the big score draw. Just bet €20 or more of bets on one day on Wild Worlds, Dazzle Me, or Football Champions Cup, and your name will earn a place in the Big Score Draw. The first lucky slot lover who makes the grade will get €1000! There’s a further €14,000 of dosh in a pot to split between the next 230 gamers. Hello! Now we’re talking.

“Best of luck chums.”

Full Terms Apply.