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French Roulette

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French Roulette


The Basics

If you’re a table game novice then French Roulette offers you the chance to try your hand at the King of Table Game’s before you attempt to break the bank in Monte Carlo.

The Graphics

French roulette has an easy to use lay out with the roulette wheel at the top of the screen with the lower part making up the bet table where you can place your bets. Don’t be confused by the French words on the bet table if you don’t speak the language like me, it’s much easier than it looks and you don’t need to know a word of the lingo.

Beneath the betting table there are buttons that allow you to switch on special bets, the racetrack, or to check the wheel’s statistics- that’s all important to game theory if you ask me!

This game has the added bonus of a racetrack between the wheel and bet table, this is an extra betting area where you can place those special extra bets which come with French Roulette.

Sound effects are realistic of the ball rolling around the wheel and landing in a pocket and the winning number is announced by the voice of an invisible croupier- its smart stuff, as long as you can handle the cheesy elevator music!

The Play

French Roulette is a variant on the European Roulette game and you’ll love that this game comes with a house edge that is lower than it would be were you to hit the casinos of Vegas. This 2.7% edge is thanks to the single zero on the roulette wheel (Stateside there’s a double zero too that lowers your odds). And even better, the game follows “La Partage” rule, where you will get half of your bet back on even money wagers like red or black if the ball comes to rest in the zero pocket.

To play you just collect the chips and put them on the numbers that you want to bet on, it only takes a click of a mouse.
Bets start at £1 a spin but if you’ve got an appetite for risk then you can even place a £500 a spin wager. Play responsibly please.

The most common bets are easily placed like red or black or a single or group of numbers (like a Street bet for example), but if you’re looking to replicate real roulette options, you’ll be happy to hear that this game gives you a chance to try more complex bets just like those you’d place in Monaco or London.

The Racetrack gives you a chance to bet on a single number or its neighbours on the wheel. And Special Bets allow you to enjoy other betting options that will give you a taste of what’s up for grabs in a land based casino.

The world of online roulette has one big advantage over traditional land based games and there’s the handy statistics that the game offers on the top right of the screen which allows you to look at numbers which are hot or not.

And if you want to simply kick back and let the wheel spin there’s a handy auto-play option on offer.

The Monkey Verdict

French Roulette is a tidy table game that allows you to explore the world of roulette without stepping out of your pyjamas. It’s easy to use and not a million miles from what you’d find in one of my favourite Mayfair casinos. It’s not the prettiest of games (it’s showing its age a bit compared to younger rivals), but it has all the features you’ll need and it’s fast.

3 out of 5 bananas

This game is no longer available at Monkey Casino. Sorry about that.  Why not try French Roulette Gold from Evolution instead?