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Blackjack Single Deck Touch

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Blackjack Single Deck Touch

Monkey Summary

NetEnt know that we love our online casino games and have added Blackjack Single Deck Touch to their very smart Professional range of table games. If you prefer live games then head to our Evolution Live Games section, but if its a fast, virtual game that you are after- read on!

This game is something rather special for a blackjack lover like me, it’s been specifically designed to be a dream if you like gaming on a mobile phone. This cracker of a game is mobile phone friendly making it ideal for iPhone, Android and Windows players, if you want to be all technical about it (yes, even a monkey like me loves his tech).

You can also play our other Single Deck Blackjack variants from Genii and Groove Games

The Monkey Basics

Blackjack Single Deck Touch is just like a standard game of blackjack, that is it’s you versus the dealer. It’s a virtual game rather than a live casino game – we have plenty of those too.

Both you and your opponent want the value of your cards to get as close as you can to the magical number 21 without exceeding it. The clue is in the title, this is a game of blackjack where you’re playing with a single deck of cards (you won’t need to be a mathematical genius to work out what’s going on with just 52 cards in play).

And if you know anything about blackjack, you’ll know that if you’ve been dealt a succession of low numbered cards, there’s a greater chance that they’ll be 10 value cards at the top of the pack, as you have tens, jacks, queens and kings to look out for and a total card count of only 52.

The Graphics

NetEnt haven’t wasted too much energy on the graphics which are simple and effective compared to other games like Vegas Strip blackjack from Switch Studios, but they do the job well.

As you’d expect, the card play is set against the green baize and the main notable feature of this game is its crystal clear interface that makes playing the game something of a classic experience.

Along the bottom of the screen the game prompts you with your winnings, the type of bet you’ve placed and it’s in this area where you can easily select your chips to place your bets. Easy!

Blackjack Single Deck Game Play

This game is perfect for mobile play if you’re holding your mobile phone in a landscape position, and uses the same blackjack rules that you’d expect to find if you walked into a land based casino for a game.

It’s simple; you and the dealer get two cards a piece, so far so good. If your hand is miles off the desired 21 you can “Hit” and be dealt another card, if you’re heading in the winning direction you might want to “Hit” again or “Stand” and see the dealer either try to take another card or get to 21. If the dealer can’t reach 21, the nearest number that doesn’t exceed 21 will win the round.

Here you can both split your bets and take out Insurance. Not bad for a game that you can play on a whim wherever you are.

Monkey Verdict

Blackjack Single Deck Touch is a bit of a show off in the casino games stakes, coming with a head turning RTP of 99.8%. This game is approaching something of legend being both easy to play with only a single deck but also such a simple and clear interface that playing as you go about your day or night is a breeze. If you’re into playing with high stakes you might want to take a look for NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack game.

5 out of 5 bananas

This game is no longer available at Monkey Casino. Why not try Blackjack Party from Evolution instead?