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3D European Roulette

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3D European Roulette

The Monkey Summary

For those of you who love a spin on the roulette wheel to unleash your inner James Bond (another sophisticated agent like myself) then Iron Dog Studios 3D European Roulette promises more than just your average online roulette game, thanks to superior 3D graphics to take you on a hi-tech gambling journey. It certainly leaves older games like Microgaming’s French Roulette in the dust in terms of design.

The Basics

This is a game that marries the best in online roulette with the sophisticated looks of the European version of the game and helps to make sure that those of you who like to make a game plan, like this master of strategy, have all the statistics and info for when it comes to what numbers are hot or not.

The Graphics

3D European Roulette has very high quality graphics when you compare it to other games like 20p roulette: it really does look a cut above the competition. It opens up an immersive experience thanks to the clever angles; the sound and the 3D design that make sure you don’t miss any of the drama unfolding. I´d say it´s right up there with Switch Studios Roulette from Microgaming which is another very nice looking design.

At the bottom of the betting table you’ll find the different coloured gambling chips in various denominations.
There is the voice of a croupier to help you to slip into the atmosphere of playing the king of table games in a land based casino. The croupier’s instructions are also a confidence builder if you’re new to the game.

3D European Roulette Game Play

Once you enter the game you’re first shown the betting table- don’t let this intimidate you if you’re a roulette novice, it’s all very straight forward. This game gives you all the details you need to decide on your lucky numbers.

Just use the mouse or tap to place your bets and once these are in place you can watch the wheel spin in a handy close-up view to make sure you can feel the tension, and more importantly, see the lucky numbers land.

3D European Roulette is an inviting game for the new roulette player as you can place a bet for as little as 50 pence/cents or, if you’re an old hand (thanks to plenty of adventures in Monte Carlo), as much as £/$/€ 150 for a spin.

The Bonuses

This version of the game comes with all the sophisticated bets of the European game and includes a racetrack which you can select to reveal a special shaped bet table with all of the more exotic French bets- don’t be scared off by its appearance, this is easier than it looks.

And it’s the statistics that set this online roulette apart from its competitors.

Those designers at Iron Dog Gaming have also spent a fair bit of time thinking about how to make sure your roulette experience is personalised and tailored just for you. Using the My Bets function, you can track your own roulette play to help you plan for your next killer move.

Monkey Verdict

Whether you’re new to playing European roulette online or not, this smart looking and immersive game offers a slick and easy to use roulette experience that helps you to dive into the game, and could even prepare to you enter the marbled casinos of Monte Carlo! It’s slick alright.

4 out of 5 bananas