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20p Roulette

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20p Roulette

Are you looking for a change of scene after all those heady nights in Monte Carlo? What goes on tour, stays on tour as they say. I am heading for a touch of roulette that is slightly easier on the old pocket with the hugely popular 20p Roulette from Inspired and NYX Gaming.

The Basics

This game’s winning attraction has to be its simplicity. The game has a straight forward and intuitive bet table that will have new players and old hands, who might be normally playing French Roulette, getting down to the game in no time. If you’re new to roulette then this is an ideal starter for ten, but the bet limits will have older hands spinning the wheel happily, with some high upper limits on offer. and it’s fast, so if you love your systems it will tick a lot of boxes for you.

The Graphics

This is a game that has focused on function over style with a no nonsense bet table and roulette wheel. NYX Gaming have produced games that are easier on the eye, but none that are simpler to play. If you want a glitzier design then we would recommend Switch Studios roulette which is has a very smart look.

The deal with 20p Roulette is that you’re here to play a solid game of roulette, and by George you’re going to get it. Graphical wizardry is not this game’s aim. We’re here to play.

Fire the game up and you’ll find that you’re facing a standard bet table with the usual green baize and a standard betting table layout with no surprises. Once the wheel is spinning you’ll have a view of a smallish roulette wheel with an added rattling sound effects for a little extra casino atmosphere. There’s also a croupier announcing when to place bets to give cues to newer roulette players, or simply to add to the land-based feel.

The Play

20p Roulette has a European wheel: that’s the version of the game which has a better house edge for the player and where the wheel has 37 pockets including a single zero, (the cousins from over the pond in the US play with a double zero as well). With my frequent trips to Monte Carlo, I think you know which is the Monkey favourite. Well I like Evolution’s Dream Catcher game as well, but that’s not strictly roulette. It des have a wheel in it though.

And the title says it all with a more affordable low bet limit of 20p which makes a nice and low opening gambit. That wouldn’t get you many Martinis in my club, but it’s a nice starter for ten on the wheel. Or starter for twenty, I guess. Low bet limits aside, you can also place some pretty big bets if that’s more your bag. This monkey likes to roll high from time to time in roulette so that suits me just fine. The 20p refers to the minimum chip level. The minimum bet level is actually £1 (euros or dollars). You’ll need to place bets on at least 5 numbers to get the wheel spinning.

Not satisfied with just simplicity in design, NXY Gaming has also made sure that you’re not missing out on the side bets either. 20p Roulette comes with a good choice of neighbour bets so that you can bet on different segments of the roulette wheel. you won’e see any of the fancy French bets here, but it’s good for Neighbours.

Beneath the bet table are all the usual shortcut buttons allowing you to quickly place neighbour bets, clear your bets or explore further options. So many choices, so little time!

If you want to ramp up the tension and tempo then flick on the Turbo Play option which, rather like an Aston Martin, will speed things up with some added va, va, vooom.

The Verdict

NYX Gaming’s 20p Roulette gives wheel lovers an affordable way to get to grips with the King of table games. Its low minimum bets will suit novices while  big money maximum bets will satisfy the most experienced of players.

This game is intuitive, fun and fast. It reminds me of Miss Monkeypenny.

Monkey Score: 4 out of 5 Bananas